Why Novara


More than 38 years of history

After several generations of master cabinetmakers creating handcrafted and personalized furniture, in 1983 we started a company specializing in kitchens, always focused on high-quality systems and differentiation.

Our DNA: Technology, constant research and development

Thanks to years of research and development, we have achieved a unique technology which has allowed us to obtain unprecedented results in outdoor kitchens.

With Novara you can now achieve a luxurious, minimalist, and beautiful design, which is functional, practical, and extremely resistant, even on the seafront, at the same time.


After years of research and development, Novara has developed its unique technology. It is designed as part of a high-end product, focused on customers who wish to enjoy a piece of maximum beauty on their terrace and require outdoor furniture facing the sea with all the guarantees.

What is Q-XTREM®

  • Maximum Nautical resistance.

Our Q-XTREM® technology, applied to each Novara element, makes it possible for our kitchens to remain outdoors in coastal areas. Our coatings and finishes are used even in super luxury yachts, so the pieces will give a high value to your home.

  • Maximum customization to achieve exclusive designs.

Each house is different and requires different colors and textures to highlight the personality and status of its owners. Similarly, with the Q-XTREM® manufacturing system, Novara adapts to each space with measurements, shapes, and different combinations, creating a luxurious aesthetic that highlights the beauty of a terrace.

By purchasing a Novara you will get LifeTime Support. Thanks to it, you will enjoy our technical assistance during the exceptionally long life of the product, even outside the warranty period, anywhere in the world.

Lifetime support

LIFETIME SUPPORT includes the attention service for any damaged part of your Novara.

Whether due to an accident or continued use, you will always be able to purchase the original accessory or an option to fix the problem.

Our quality is real. We are so convinced of Novara’s ability to help homeowners all over the world transform their home, that we offer to purchase any replacement item the product needs for its whole life.

The peace of choosing the best brand of outdoor kitchens.

Only Novara is able to transform your home with a piece that is not only resistant and suitable for outdoor use but also with the company’s maximum commitment.